Remote Computer Expert- A Customer Support Specialist

Remote customer expert is a Computer support specialist company based in North County Dublin, Ireland. We have a team of professionals who will solve all the computer problems remotely for the clients across the world. The professionals are highly qualified software engineers who have extensive experience in computing and forensic computer world. They will serve you if your computer is running slowly or some mysterious error messages pop up on your computer. They will clean up and fix all the errors for you. They will provide assistance in cleaning and fixing computer errors. The experts will scan your machine for all kinds of viruses, Trojans and worms. It will help in accelerating the running speed and deleting the unimportant files. All this will automatically reduce the startup time of your system. We focus on providing best and highly secure services at your doorstep at the most competitive prices. We guarantee resolution of all your problems and in case we are unable to fix the problems, we won’t charge you anything. Our professionals come in contact with you by means of Remote desktop software that gives them an access to your personal computer. A special password will be generated on it each time you bring in use the application. Once the password is shared the expert will get an access to your computer. He will resolve all your problems and when remote desktop software is turned off, he will no more be able to control your system. It is the fastest and safest mode of getting the problem resolved.

E Learning Software

E Learning Software

We value your privacy and the professionals are instructed in a way that they will not open any of your folders without your consent. Not only this, but you also have the track of all the activities going on your system. It is the easiest and fastest way as it involves no travelling of executives and reduces the waiting time manifolds. The computer support specialists will bring your system back on line in lowest possible time. Our support is just a click away.

We also have e-learning option available with us. It includes online lessons on working of windows pc, Microsoft products, iphone, ipad, antivirus and malware. Special lessons on certain topics can be delivered if you desire. Our online expert will guide you on whatever time you wish to fix for the e-classes. You can contact us if you have any queries. Our computer support specialists will resolve al your problems by means of Remote desktop software to support you. Just click on the chat window and they will be ready to help you.


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